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j0hnb3nd3r [userpic]
Frumps And Bums And Receding Hairlines
by j0hnb3nd3r (j0hnb3nd3r)
at March 24th, 2014 (06:54 pm)

Summary: Another shot at 2nd person POV. This fic tries – and maybe fails – to ´romantically` hook up the unlikely John Simm/John Barrowman pairing without trundling too far beyond the boundaries of credibility.
Characters: John Simm/John Barrowman, Kate Magowan
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex
Warnings: Real Person Fic
Spoilers: None
Wordcount: ~4500
Author's notes: For those who don’t know much about the characters: John Simm actually does say about himself that he’s a shy, introverted person who tends to be uncomfortable round other people. While John Barrowman is an attention seeker and a stage hog. A very charming stage hog, but still...
And while there’s no evidence that Simm is in any shape or form homophile, John Barrowman is indeed openly gay.
Disclaimer: As per usual

Klick link below for story