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Outside the police, beyond the United Nations.

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Jack in Cuffs: Torchwood fanfiction
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jack_in_cuffs is a community for Team Torchwood fanfiction, with a slant toward the darker side of fic. Fanfiction involving any characters from the Torchwood Cardiff universe is welcome - even the Weevil...

Please look over the rules before posting.

1. Ship wars, flaming and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Remember that opinions of pairings and characters can differ, and we're not here to argue.

2. jack_in_cuffs and tw_archives are sister communities, with jack_in_cuffs specializing in darker or more sexually explicit fics, and tw_archives specializing in gen or less sexually graphic fics. As people's perceptives differ, the mods of both comms are aware that there will be some crossposting. Fic posted here does not have to be smutty, but should have relatively adult themes.

3. Fics of any rating is allowed here, therefore please be aware that fics may contain adult material of a violent or sexual nature. All fics MUST be rated, marked for any spoilers, and put behind a lj-cut.

4. Fics should include at least one character from the Torchwood Cardiff universe, and crossovers with other fandoms are welcomed. However, fics just about Jack and his time with the Doctor and Rose do not belong here. Try galactic_conman, better_with_3 or doctorslashjack.

5. For fanfiction please be sure to add a pairing(s) and/or main character(s) tag, as well as the rating so that fics can be found in the future. The community's tag list can be found here.


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